Why is this blog called “Siamo NEPA?”

I began studying the Italian American community of Northeastern Pennsylvania when I was in college at The University of Scranton, nearly 20 years ago.

Since those days, I have been fortunate enough to publish three books on my area’s Italian American community. I have also written many articles and presented many lectures on our community as well.

Several years ago, I also tried creating an Italian American heritage association called “SIAMO NEPA,” or, “We are Northeastern Pennsylvania.” While SIAMO was fun while it lasted, my professional and personal life took me in different directions, culminating with my current role at The Italian American Podcast as associate producer.

I genuinely love my work in the Italian American community and am constantly looking for new ways to celebrate our local Italian American community’s history, culture, and heritage. This blog takes the spirit of the original SIAMO and brings to life the stories of the people and places that are integral to our region’s Italian American life.

It is my hope that you enjoy this blog and that you continue to read my books for a more in-depth examination of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s regional Italian American history!



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